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Fried Mozzarella Sticks
with marinara sauce $6.99

Crisp Chicken Wings
with tangy BBQ sauce $8.99

Rib Sampler
8 ribs with BBQ sauce $9.99

Wayne’s Ribs & Wings
12 wings and 12 ribs with BBQ sauce $22.99

Crisp Idaho Potato Skins
cheddar cheese & bacon $8.99
sautéed mushrooms & Provolone $8.99
cheddar & Provolone $8.99

Mussels in White Wine
a pound of fresh PEI Mussels cooked in garlic butter and white wine
served wtih french bread $10.99

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
served with warm flatbread $7.49

Spinach and Artichoke Dip
served with tortilla chips & salsa $8.99

Chicken Nachos
grilled chicken over tortilla chips and topped with salsa, cheddar and jack cheese, tomatoes,
black olives and scallions and served with sour cream and guacamole $10.99

Caprese Appetizer
Fresh Mozzarella and Basil drizzled with olive oil $4.99

Baked Brie with Fresh Fruit
French Brie served with assorted fresh fruits and warm flatbread $9.99

a large tomato tortilla filled with grilled chicken or beef tenderloin, green peppers, onions, cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses, topped with scallions and served with sour cream and guacamole
Chicken - $9.99 Steak - $11.99

homemade soups

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Baked French Onion Soup au Gratin
delicately simmered, topped with crouton and Provolone cheese and baked $4.79

Homemade Soup of the Day
cup - $2.79 bowl - $4.59

Yesterday’s Soup
if there’s any left, we’d be happy to get some for you
cup - $2.79 bowl - $4.59

Homemade Chili (seasonal)
bowl $4.79
with cheese and onions $4.99

Soup, Salad or Spud
choose any two — you make the choice $7.99
Bowl of Soup: Soup of the Day, Yesterday’s Soup or Baked French Onion
Spud: Twice Baked Potato (extra large)
Salad: garden, small spinach or side Caesar salad

handmade pizza

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Our famous recipe ~ using only the finest ingredients in our handmade dough and homemade sauce. Please allow 20-30 minutes.

Regular Toppings
pepperoni • sausage • ground beef • mushrooms • onions • green peppers • bacon • tomatoes
black olives • garlic • anchovies • hot peppers • broccoli • spinach • artichokes • Greek olives

Specialty Toppings
smoked ham • grilled chicken breast • grilled portobello • fresh pineapple

Small Cheese
9 inches, 6 cuts $8.99
each additional regular topping $ .99
each additional specialty topping $1.49

Large Cheese
12 inches, 8 cuts $12.99
each additional regular topping $1.49
each additional specialty topping $1.89

pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, onions, green peppers, black olives and cheese
small - $11.99 large - $16.99

Mediterranean Pizza
olive oil and fresh garlic with grilled chicken, Greek olives, artichokes, spinach, tomatoes, red onions, Feta cheese and Provolone
small - $11.99 large - $16.99

Chicken Pesto
grilled chicken breast, fresh mushrooms and provolone cheese with pesto sauce
small - $11.99 large - $16.99

Chicken Rockefeller
olive oil, fresh garlic, grilled chicken, bacon, tomatoes and spinach
small - $11.99
large - $16.99

Fresh Vegetable
onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, grilled portobello and Provolone cheese with red sauce
small - $9.99 large - $14.99

Deluxe White
olive oil, fresh garlic, tomatoes, red onions, and Provolone and Parmesan cheese
small - $9.99 large - $14.99

Caprese Pizza
diced tomatoes, fresh basil, pesto and marinara sauce, and fresh mozzarella heese
small - $8.99 large - $13.99


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Our homemade dressings: Creamy Pepper, Poppyseed, Creamy Caesar, Italian, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese, 1000 Island, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Red French and fat-free Italian. All large salads served with your choice of warm French bread or muffin of the day.

Chicken Fiesta Salad
grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, salsa, cheddar & Monterey Jack cheeses, diced tomatoes
served with guacamole and sour cream $10.99

Caprese Salad
baby spinach, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil and served with balsamic vinaigrette dressing $7.99
with grilled chicken $10.99
with grilled salmon $12.99

Fresh Spinach Salad
topped with fresh mushrooms, shredded Provolone, bacon crumbs and hard-cooked eggs $7.99
with grilled chicken $10.99
with grilled salmon $12.99

Spinach Strawberry Salad
baby spinach topped with fresh strawberries, glazed walnuts and tangy Feta cheese $7.99
with grilled chicken $10.99
with grilled salmon $12.99

The Courtyard Salad
mixed greens, shredded Provolone, julienne turkey and ham, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes and hardcooked egg $10.49

Chicken Salad & Fresh Fruit
our fresh herbed chicken salad - accented with seasonal fresh fruits and sherbet $10.99
also try our tuna salad or grilled chicken breast

Oriental Chicken Salad
mixed greens, grilled teriyako chicken breast, cucumbers, red peppers, mandarin oranges, sliced almonds and crispy oriental noodles Poppyseed dressing suggested $10.99

Mediterranean Salad
mixed greens topped with Greek olives, artichoke hearts, cucumbers, tomatoes, red peppers, Feta cheese and croutons
Italian dressing suggested $8.49
with grilled chicken $11.49

Cobb Salad
diced turkey, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, bacon, black olives, bleu cheese, eggs and avocados on a bed of mixed greens.
served with your choice of dressing $10.99

Walt’s Salmon Salad
fresh spinach, tomato wedges, grilled salmon and onion crisps served with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. So simple. So delicious. $12.99

Texas Tumbleweed Salad
mixed greens, onion crisps, breaded mushrooms, tomato and egg wedges and served with your choice of dressing $7.99
with grilled chicken breast $10.99
with grilled beef tenderloin $12.99

Mandarin Beef Salad
mixed greens, grilled teriyaki beef tenderloin, mandarin oranges, glazed walnuts, sweet red peppers and crispy oriental noodles. poppyseed dressing suggested $12.99

Tenderloin Salad
crisp romaine lettuce, grilled beef tenderloin, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, black olives, bleu cheese crumbles, glazed walnuts and topped with grilled onions $12.99

Black and Bleu Salad
mixed greens with grilled cajuned beef tenderloin, tomatoes, avocados, bacon bits and bleu cheese crumble
bleu cheese dressing suggested $12.99

Side Salads
small garden, small Caesar or small spinach salad $3.99


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crisp romaine, Parmesan cheese and croutons tossed with our creamy homemade Caesar dressing $7.99
grilled chicken breast $10.99
grilled salmon $12.99
grilled beef tenderloin $12.99
grilled shrimp $12.99


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Served with your choice of bread

Capellini or Penne with Marinara, Pesto or Garlic and Olive Oil
half order $5.99 full order - $9.49
meat sauce $ .99
sautéed mushrooms $ .79
grilled chicken $2.99
grilled shrimp $5.99
grilled portobello mushrooms $2.99

Homemade Lasagna
layers of broad noodles, marinara sauce, mild Italian sausage, ground beef, mozzarella and ricotta cheeses and baked to perfection $11.49

Chicken Parmesan
grilled chicken breast topped with a slice of tomato, melted Provolone cheese and Parmesan cheese. Served on a bed of capellini and marinara sauce. $11.49

fresh fish

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Served with rice pilaf, steamed veggies, and your choice of bread. (Substitute spud or fries, add $.99) Ask your server for today’s fresh selections.

Grilled Fresh Norwegian Salmon
Lunch - $9.99 Dinner - $18.99

Grilled Fresh Mahi Mahi
Lunch - $10.99 Dinner - $20.99

Grilled Fresh Black Grouper, Cajun style
Lunch - $10.99 Dinner - $22.99

Grilled Fresh Swordfish
Lunch - $10.99 Dinner - $20.99

Grilled Fresh Yellow Fin Tuna, Teriyaki style
Lunch - $9.99 Dinner - $18.99

Grilled Fresh Rainbow Trout $14.99

Baked Fresh Boston Scrod $15.99

Grilled Fresh Alaskan Halibut $23.99

bbq baby back ribs

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tender baby back pork ribs ~ smothered in tangy barbeque sauce slowly rendered then grilled to order served with fries and cole slaw
full slab - $19.99 half slab - $14.99

house specialties

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Served with rice pilaf, steamed veggies and your choice of bread.
(Substitute spud or fries, add $.99)

New York Strip Steak
with sautéed mushrooms, portobello Cabernet sauce or melted bleu cheese
10 oz. - $20.99

Filet Mignon
with sautéed mushrooms, portobello Cabernet sauce or melted bleu cheese
7 oz. - $22.99

Texas Ribeye
14 oz. ribeye topped with breaded mushrooms and crisp onion crisps $23.99

Center Cut Pork Chops
two thick-cut 8 oz. chops served with apple sauce $16.99

Veal Liver and Onions
tender veal grilled to perfection and topped with grilled onions and crispy bacon $15.99

Grilled Fiesta Shrimp
served on rice pilaf with sauteed tomatoes and scallions
served with guacamole and sour cream $14.99

Chicken Teriyaki
marinated in teriyaki sauce with fresh pineapple garnish $12.49

Chicken Fiesta
fiesta grilled chicken breast topped with sautéed diced tomatoes, scallions, melted Cheddar and jack cheeses and tortilla straws $12.99

Chicken Cordon Bleu
grilled chicken breast topped with shaved smoked ham, mushrooms and Swiss cheese $12.99

Smothered Chicken
grilled chicken breast topped with sautéed onions, mushrooms and melted Provolone cheese $12.99

Chicken Portobello
grilled chicken topped with a grilled portobello mushroom, Provolone cheese and Cabernet sauce $12.99

grilled sandwiches

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Chicken Pesto Sandwich
grilled chicken breast with melted fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, spinach, fresh basil and pesto sauce
served on a toasted Kaiser roll $9.99

Chicken Cordon Bleu
grilled chicken breast topped with shaved smoked ham, sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese on a warm croissant $9.99

Hickory Chicken
BBQ chicken breast, crisp bacon and Swiss cheese on a toasted kaiser roll $9.99

Filet Croissant
grilled beef tenderloin on a warm croissant with sautéed mushrooms and melted Provolone $11.99

Grilled Portobello Mushroom
served on a kaiser roll with fresh spinach, red onion, Provolone cheese and raspberry vinaigrette dressing $8.99

Cajun Grilled Grouper
grilled onions and a remoulade sauce on a kaiser roll $9.99


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your choice of bread: Italian white, whole wheat, toasted kaiser, sub roll or a warm croissant

The Courtyard Club
shaved ham and turkey breast, crisp bacon and melted Swiss cheese
with 1000 Island dressing $8.99

Tuna Melt
fresh made tuna salad and melted sharp Cheddar cheese on a warm croissant $8.99

Turkey Pesto Sandwich
shaved turkey breast, pesto sauce and melted Monterey Jack cheese on a sub roll $8.49

The Natural
lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumbers and alfalfa sprouts on whole wheat bread
served with guacamole $8.49

Soup and a Half
any half sandwich listed in this section plus your choice of a bowl of soup or crisp garden salad, small spinach salad or side Caesar for the same price as a full sandwich

Chicken Salad Croissant
our signature herbed chicken salad on a warm croissant $8.99

an American classic, apple smoked bacon on thick sliced Italian bread with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise $9.49

Swiss Alpine
shaved roast beef, grilled peppers, onions and mushrooms and Swiss cheese on a warm croissant $8.49

Classic French Dip
roast beef and melted provolone cheese, served with au jus on a sub roll $8.49

Roast Beef or Turkey Panini
shaved meat and Provolone cheese with cole slaw and french fries on Italian bread $8.99


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all wraps served in a sun-dried tomato wrap

Chicken Club Wrap
grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and jack cheese $9.99

Tenderloin Wrap
beef tenderloin grilled to your liking, sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions, bleu cheese crumbles, tomatoes and Provolone cheese $11.99

Vegetable Wrap
grilled portobello mushroom, sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions, red peppers, tomatoes, Provolone cheese and marinara sauce $8.99

California Wrap
shaved smoked turkey, crisp bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, Monterey Jack cheese, alfalfa sprouts and avocado $9.99

Crispy Grouper Wrap
lightly breaded grouper filet, pesto sauce, tomatoes, lettuce and Monterey Jack cheese $9.99

angus burgers

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A generous portion of fresh USDA Choice Angus Sirloin Beef on a toasted kaiser roll. Served with lettuce, tomato and kosher pickle slice.

The Courtyard Burger
melted Swiss cheese, grilled onions and sautéed mushrooms - with sour cream $8.99

Angus Steak Burger
with your choice of toppings

American cheese add $.79
Cheddar cheese $.79
Swiss cheese $.79
Monterey Jack cheese $.79
Provolone cheese $.79
Bleu Cheese $.79
Crispy bacon $.99
Grilled onions add $.59
Onion crisp $.79
Sautéed mushrooms $.79
Avocado slices $.99
Alfalfa sprouts $.59
BBQ sauce $.59
Salsa $.69


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The Spud (extra-large, twice baked) $3.99

French Fries Hand Cut $2.29

Spicy Cajun Fries $2.29

Steamed Vegetable $1.99

Rice Pilaf $1.79

Creamy Cole Slaw $ .99

Apple Sauce $ .99

Fresh Fruit Cup $2.99

French Bread $1.99

Garlic Bread $2.79